10 Days in Switzerland: What to See and What to Do in the Alpine Paradise

From Bollywood’s romantic flicks to your girlfriend’s secret fantasies, Switzerland has featured in many aspects of your life! So now that you have earned enough, it is time that you live your dream and sail into this fairy-tale country of Swiss Alps and skiing!

Switzerland tourism has been the marquee attraction of many international holiday packages. The country’s lure is undeniable and the variety it offers is enough to make you swoon! A 10-day trip in this European nation should fulfill all your desires and fantasies! And better bring that girlfriend of yours too for a surprisingly romantic holiday!

Though the country has produced attractions in dozens, here are some of the ones which are more popular:

i. Canton Valais: It is a landscaped region with daunting mountains laughing about and silent valleys whispering aloud! Quiet hamlets and the not-so-quiet ski resorts add more fire to your experience. The Aletsch Glacier is a special attraction and the shadowy Matterhorn Mountain has a haunting charm.

ii. Luzern or Lucerne: An area made so rhapsodic with its mountains, lakes and a medieval-era bridge- Lucerne is another top destination which must be a part of your Switzerland tour packages.

iii. Rhine Falls: You have got to check this one out, since it happens to Europe’s largest waterfall. It is stupendous and roaring, and can instantly take you by surprise. Another waterfall which is very popular especially amongst the bookworms is the Reichenbach Falls. It was at this place that Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes had slipped off and died (though he later made a comeback)!

Some outdoor activities you should do in Switzerland:

During your 10-day trip, you cannot really afford to laze around in your hotel or ride away to attractions in luxurious cars. These mountains demand that you stretch your muscles and try some outdoor activities. Here is a quick check:

– Hiking is one of the most prominent activities which are enjoyed in these locales

– Cycling or mountain biking can be really thrilling down the slopes of the picturesque Alps

– There are a number of adventure sports which Switzerland tourism has dished out for you. The popular ones include skiing, water-skiing, surfing and river rafting

– Zip through the icy glaciers and hills on special express trains which are big draws amongst foreign tourists

– Shop as if your life depends on it. You need to raid all those shops selling Swiss watches and chocolates

– Saunter through the country’s landmarks and castles; visit museums and pamper your taste buds with the Swiss wine

All in all, these 10 days would be the best 10 days of your life! God promise!